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Sep 29

Kristen Lamb’s blog is always an interesting read. As a new blogger, I found this one to be pretty eye-opening. Now I just need to try out some of her tricks…

The Secret to a Powerful Author Brand

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Last time we talked a little about our author brand and why, these days, our brand is almost as important as the books we write. It is an awesome time to be a writer, but also a scary one. Why can’t it be like the good old days when all we had to do was write the book? Because that world no longer exists and, frankly, it wasn’t all that great to begin with. Granted, in the pre-digital publishing

we authors didn’t need to tweet or blog or be on-line, but it was also a world with a 93% failure rate. According to the Book Expo of America, as late as 2006, 93% of all books (traditionally and non-traditionally published) sold less than a 1000 copies. Only one out of ten traditionally published authors would ever see a second book in print.


These days, anyone can be published. This is good and bad and we can talk about that another time. But with more titles than ever before and bookstores becoming an endangered species? Our brand is our lifeline. Whether we decide to self-publish or traditionally publish is a business decision only we can make, but we still must have a viable author brand if we hope to sell books.

Source: The Secret to a Powerful Author Brand | Kristen Lamb’s Blog

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