5 Christmas Gifts for Language Nerds

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Dec 03
Christmas traditions around the world

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December has descended, the scent of pine needles and mince pies fills the air, and merry-making has spread across the land…

Meanwhile, people  are banging their heads against shop windows in despair.


If someone on your list is a language nerd, though, help is at hand! Here’s a list of 5 gift ideas for wordy people:


  1. The Oatmeal Grammar Posters. The Oatmeal is possibly the funniest comic writer on the internet, and his grammar posters live up to his reputation. Particularly useful for those who never quite got the hang of semicolons or figured out to whom ‘whom’ actually refers.
Grammar poster

How and why to use ‘whom’ in a sentence














2) I Love Baking My Cat and Leaving Out Commas Mug. I love cats, baking, commas, and tea, so this one is a winner for me. The design also comes on prints and t-shirts.

Grammar, leaving out commas

I Love Baking My Cat and Leaving Out Commas












3) USB Typewriter Keyboard. Too clunky to fit in my bag, but so geekily amazing that I had to include it. It will reassure people who don’t know how they ended up in the 21st Century.

Typewriters for 21st Century Linguists

USB Typewriter Keyboard














  1. Rosetta Stone iPad Mini Case. Yes, it’s kitsch. But it’s also kind of great.
Linguist Rosetta stone ipad mini case

Rosette Stone ipad mini case












  1. “Speak Italian. The Fine Art of the Gesture”, by Bruno Munar. Understand what Italians are really saying with their hands! This quirky handbook of Italian gestures was first published in 1958 by renowned Milanese artist and graphic designer Bruno Munar. It’s full of charming black-and-white photos and wry captions that evoke an Italy of days gone by. This is a bilingual edition that will please speakers and non-speakers of Italian alike.
Language, italian hand signals

Speak Italian. The Fine Art of the Gesture.

















Come across any other geeky Christmas gifts? Share them below!

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