Word Wednesday – Pesado

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Mar 09
Word Wednesday

Welcome to Word Wednesday, where we will be looking at the usage and meaning  of a word or pair of related words – it could be a worthy word, a weird word, or a witch word that should be exorcised from the dictionary. The word may come from different languages, but will mostly be in French, Spanish or English (just because I know them best).


Today’s  language is Spanish, and I have selected a worthy word to share with you all.




Pesado (or pesada for feminine nouns) means ‘heavy’ in Spanish. You can use it to describe the usual things, like a big book: Este libro es muy pesado (this book is very heavy).

Now, you’re probably thinking this isn’t a terrible exciting revelation. However, pesado can be used to describe other kinds of things – things that are  a pain in the (insert profanity here).

So, you might get something like:


Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar meme 'Eres tan pesado papá'



This translates as ‘You’re such a pain dad, leave me in peace.’


Or you might find a situation really boring or annoying, and complain:


What I like about this word is the association with heaviness. It drags you down. It’s a dampner on your spirits.

You can also get a good spit from the ‘p’ and ‘s’ combination, making it particularly satisfying when you’re in a bad mood.

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