Word Wednesday – Malicia

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Mar 23
Word Wednesday

Welcome to Word Wednesday, a weekly showcase for words that I think need a bit of special attention. One word will make it onto the podium each week – it could be a worthy word, a weird word, or a witch word that should be exorcised from the dictionary. The word will come from different languages, but will mostly be in French, Spanish or English (just because I know them best).

Today’s word is a worthy one – although it’s most definitely associated with witches.

It’s been plucked from the Spanish language:

Malicia Mr Burns Meme


I chose this word because I watched a programme on Channel 4 online last night that was called “Malicia”. It was an Argentinian psychological crime drama, but I gave up on it because it crossed the line from “Hmm, intriguing, what is this all about?” to “I’m sick of trying to figure this out and I don’t like feeling stupid.”

Anyway, it reminded me of what an amazingly menacing word “malicia” is.

It’s pronounced “mal – ee – see –ah”, which I think sounds way creepier than the English version, “malice.”

Unlike the English, “malicia” also has a slightly softer usage, and can mean “mischievous” or “naughty”. For example, “Sonrió con malicia” – “He smiled mischievously”.



Interestingly, though, “tener mucha malicia”, which would literally be “have a lot of malice”, can  be used to say someone is sly or cunning.

“A mi gato no hay quien lo engañe: tiene mucha malicia.”

This means “Nobody can fool my cat: he’s a sly one.”


Malicia cat


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