Ideas being swamped by typo devils, syntax fiends and punctuation monsters?

Got a professor from hell who slashes marks for every misplaced comma and dangling participle?

Written an awesome blog post but have no time to mould it into shape, let alone answer the 500 emails attacking your inbox?

Eloise McInerney - Freelance Translator, Writer, Editor


  • I proofread and edit business documents, academic papers, student assignments, theses, dissertations, non-fiction books and more.
  • I revise translations from French and Spanish into English, checking the source text against the English translation for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions.


  • I have a PhD in Languages from Trinity College Dublin, so I'm very experienced with high-level academic writing. 
  • I've taught English as a Foreign Language for over 13  years. This means I know how to talk about grammar, not just do it.
  • I'm a full-time professional writer, editor and translator. In other words, I spend on average 25 hours writing, translating and editing every week (the rest of my time is spent on meetings, marketing and feeding the admin beast).
  • Like any good editor, I'm a grammar pedant and obsessed with tiny little details.

To see examples of my writing, please go to my Portfolio page.

Robyn Spooner Author: 'The Benefits of Stress' 

Eloise​ is a highly skilled editor who works to a high standard and completes work very quickly. She is a pleasure to work with and easy to talk to. I recommend her services to anyone looking for an excellent editing experience. Eloise worked really hard to help me complete my non-fiction book, which wasn't the easiest job. Thanks Eloise!


To give you an accurate quote, please send a sample of your work (minimum 500 words). I will also need to know the exact service you require and what your timeframe for delivery is.

The prices below are minimum starting rates for three different types of editing service: basic proofreading, copy-editing and substantive or developmental editing.

Please note that the minimum charge for all services is £20, regardless of the number of words. 


Basic error-checking service for finished, high-quality texts

Perfect for those who are satisfied that their texts are clear and well-written, but need an extra pair of eyes to do a final check before publishing or submitting.

  • Checking typos, spelling and small grammar errors
  • Inconsistencies in formatting, fonts etc.
  • No corrections for style
  • Not suitable for texts where there are a lot of grammatical innacuracies or problems with narrative flow

From £8/1,000 words


Basic proofreading + stylistic improvement

Ideal for those who aren't confident about their grammar, haven't had time to thoroughly self-edit  or simply want to be sure their writing is as clear as possible.

  • Typos, spelling and grammar errors
  • Inconsistencies in formatting, fonts etc.
  • Improvement of sentence structure, word choice and grammar
  • No advice on improvement of argument or narrative flow
  • No extensive rewriting of paragraphs or sentences.

From £12/1,000 words


Heavy copy-editing  and/or advice on development of ideas and argument.

Especially for students, speakers of English as a Second Language, inexperienced writers, or those looking for an objective eye to push their writing to a higher level.

  • Typos, spelling and grammar errors
  • Inconsistencies in formatting, fonts etc.
  • Improvement of  sentence structure, word choice and grammar
  • Advice on how to develop ideas and improve logical flow
  • Rewriting of paragraphs and sentences in order to improve narrative flow

From £18/1,000 words

Please be aware that you won't save money by hiring an editor to fix a poor-quality translation, especially if it has been performed by a non-native speaker of the target language. Revisions of such texts are time-consuming and therefore expensive. If you or your writer isn't a native speaker of English, you'll save time and money by hiring a good, professional translator from the beginning.

Eloise McInerney - Freelance Translator, Writer, Editor

Got Some Questions?

Just drop me a line if you need to ask anything or would like a price estimate. I'll always get back to you within a few business hours.