Eloise McInerney - Freelance Translator, Writer, Editor

I translate from both French and Spanish into English.  I can translate from a wide variety of source texts – if I'm not familiar with the subject matter, I'll research it.

However, I do specialise in four subject areas: marketing/creative, academic, sports and technology.


I specialise in translations of texts with a more creative aspect to them, using my previous experience as a journalist, literary critic, and communications officer for a non-for-profit organisation.

Types of texts I translate include newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, web content, marketing brochures, fictional works.


I've loved sport ever since I first dipped my toes into a swimming pool at the age of five. Since then, I've tried out virtually every sport under the sun. My favourites, as both practitioner and spectator, are snowboarding and MMA (mixed martial arts). I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and am currently working towards a second black belt in kickboxing. I have also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. I also enjoy watching rugby and football, and support Brentford FC, a West London football club in the Championship Division.

Types of texts I translate include websites, interviews, brochures, flyers, posters, instructional guides.


I specialise in the translation of academic texts and research reports in the fields of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. I also edit and proofread papers by non-native speakers of English

Types of texts I translate include: Academic papers, journal articles and books, research reports, grant applications, student theses, essays and dissertations

Academic background

I have completed a PhD in Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies (Trinity College Dublin), an MA in Politics (University College Dublin), and a BA in History and English Literature (Trinity College Dublin).

I have presented my research at a number of international conferences, and have published an academic paper on the novels of Eduardo Mendoza and Antonio Muñoz Molina in Modern Languages Open. I also collaborate with the 452°F journal of literary criticism as a translator and proofreader.

Eloise McInerney - Freelance Translator, Writer, Editor

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